Airports and their partners in travel retail and airport gastronomy are facing drastic changes. We accompany these changes operationally and strategically.


  • Profitability analyses
  • Evaluation of existing store and gastronomy concepts
  • Development of new store and gastronomy concepts
  • Development and implementation of retail and gastronomy brands
  • Product development
  • Use of cash register and merchandise management systems
  • Design of target-oriented assortments
  • Data-supported assortment evaluations and adjustments
  • Digital Signage
  • Multi Channeling 
  • On-site sales consulting
  • Team and individual coaching
  • Personnel deployment and development planning
  • Development of efficient merchandise procurement
  • Logistics and customs handling consulting 


  • Space conception for airside and landside
  • Tendering of retail and catering space
  • Development of different operator models
  • Preparation of an in-house operation or a joint venture solution
  • Initiation and support of concession models

Other Industries

Even though we focus on the travel retail business for a given reason and due to our operational strength in this area, we have already worked for many other industries and see ourselves as generalists with a broad range of methods.


  • Advertising 
  • Automotive
  • Energy Producers 
  • Federal Ministries 
  • Insurance 
  • Media | Publishers 
  • Universities
  • Wholesale | Retail