Thinking is acting. 

We keep an eye on the feasible.

Frank Pieper | Strategy & Operations

Frank is the foresighted one at njuway. Whenever something has to be planned, financed or organized, Frank comes into play.

Frank has already worked in management in various industries. He is also a strategy, process and communication consultant.

Steffen Brandt | Concept & Digitalization

Steffen is all about creativity and digital solutions. He always comes into play when innovation arises that requires a new conceptual approach.

Steffen has corporate experience and is also internationally experienced and networked. He knows what the trend topics in the world are. 

Yvonne Caubo | Promotions

Yvonne knows what the heart desires. She is our expert for targeted sales talks and product training on the store floor.

Yvonne has been working as an international promoter in the duty free business for a long time and has a knack for happy employees and customers.  Also she is emotionally bonded with the major international brands.

Michaela Beer | Warenwirtschaft

When it comes to accuracy, Michaela is a required contact person. She has years of experience in accounting and is an expert in dealing with inventory management systems.

Michaela is a certified accountant and has been working in this profession for over 20 years. Michaela came to inventory management through her experience in the travel retail industry.